Photo: Brendan Hoffman / The New York Times (detail from cropped photo)

I like to talk about how wonderful it is to pause.

But the mindful pause of a well-fed person is nothing like
the enforced pause of standing on the breadline.

I like to talk about cultivating our ability to be resilient.

But I have no idea how resilient I would be
under the kind of duress that all too many people experience.

There but for dumb luck go I.
Or the grace of God, if you please.



Why have you forsaken me? This one-minute video is a fantasy, a different take on Christ’s story.

Image: Lamentation of Christ (altar frontal), Flemish, 16th century, embroidered velvet — Museo Diocesano (Genoa) / Wikimedia Commons



Serge Prengel

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